Boarding terms

To be able to stay in the residence, the pets must comply with the following conditions:

Be more than 3 months old.
Do not suffer from infectious diseases.
Also recommended:
-For dogs the specific vaccine against kennel cough (Tracheobronchitis Infeciosa).
-For Cats to Feline Leukosis Vaccine (Gammaretrovirus: Feline Leukemia Virus).
They must be accompanied by a health bulletin or passport where the vaccination is registered.

Other information

If the pet is female and has been or will be in heat, it is admitted and / or can continue in the residence.
If the revaccination coincides with the period of stay and according to the owner, the pet can be vaccinated by the assistant veterinarian of the residence.
The pet may come with its bed, blanket, or some garment worn with the owner's scent, as it is very useful for him not to be surprised by his new environment.
You can also bring the usual collar and leash.
The owner can bring it's own food as well as the usual treats.

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